Introducing Peter Cox – Financial Consultant & Cashflow Consultant for Hardware and Rural Merchandise Businesses

B Fin Admin, CPA, MNIA, AICM

Peter Cox has deservedly earned a reputation for successfully analyzing the activities of many businesses, particularly with regards to inventory control, margins, financial management and setting them on the path to profitability.

For the last 25 years Peter has assisted companies throughout Australia and New Zealand to establish and maintain the financial control of their businesses.

Formerly employed for a decade at the Financial Management Research Centre in Armidale NSW he has gained a vast experience in assisting people establish their small business operations.

As well as conducting workshops for many large organizations he has written and delivered programs for corporate companies at the University of New England in Armidale NSW.

Peter Cox’s expertise is bottom line profitability management in business, backed up by industry performance statistics and benchmarks. In a nutshell, Peter can show you what Marketing, Merchandising, Customers, Sales and Financial Management should be doing in your business compared with your competitors and then help you to move to a better bottom line.

His ‘down to earth’ style of presentation has created a huge demand for him to be a guest speaker at conferences in many different countries.