Inventory Planning

Peter Cox has been advising businesses in Inventory Planning for many years. Peter Cox in conjuuction with PacSoft has written a comprehensive software program which you will find invaluable for your business.

Open2Buy Plus

Open2Buy Plus is a tool to assist you in maximising your cash flow by ensuring that the $ value of Stock on Hand accurately reflects other sales-related variables within the business. The program uses a combination of Budgeted and Actual sales and margin figures, Stock Turns and Stock Velocity Index (SVI) to project optimum monthly purchases for the upcoming month.
By not exceeding the purchase budget for the coming month, and by meeting specified sales /margin targets, the Stock on Hand $Value for each department will evolve to more closely reflect the ideal $ holding for each department.

User Guide Download

This software package is available from Peter Cox. If you are interested in this software you may like to read the USER GUIDE .

Ordering Open2Buy Plus
To order your copy of Open2Buy Plus please contact Peter Cox
Ph: 0438 712 200