Financial Management Products Available:

A variety of structured financial management presentations and workshops

These are available to be conducted in-house or at conference venues. These can be tailored to suit the particular needs of each company.

Peter specilises in 1 or 2 day programs covering selling skills, margin and inventory management and forecasting.

In-house consultation

Arrangements can be made for a consultation at your workplace where your figures can be analysed and an action plan established to free up cash and increase profits.

Conference speeches

A touch of humor has made these very acceptable over a number of years to a wide selection of people. His ability to deliver light hearted explanations but understandable answers to serious subjects has made him sought after by many conference organizers.

Sophisticated business software

‘Open to Buy Plus’ is a unique forecasting tool that is guaranteed to increase your stockturns, reduce your inventory holding and improve cashflow. To enhance the training session computer business simulation games are used where teams compete against each other to improve the profitability and liquidity of case study businesses.