Financial Management Articles written by Peter Cox:

For many years Peter Cox has been writing articles on the varied aspects of management and in particular financial management. These articles have been featured in a number of magazines including:
* Inside Australian Hardware
* Australian Newsagent
* Rural Business
* NZ Hardware Journal
* REX In-Flight Magazine
* Liquorwatch
* C Store monthly
* NZ Pharmacy Journal


Articles written by Peter Cox to Assist You with Your Business

Please feel free to download or print the following articles.

     Brushing Up on our Sales Skills

     How Easy Is It To Use Your Store As A Bank?

     Inventory Budgeting it is so Important

     Profit Sharing for Addon Sales

     The Cash Cycle Rural 2013

     When is a sale not a sale

     Protect your Margin (Rural)

     Protect your Margin (Rural 2)

     Mark Up versus Gross Profit

     Margin management why is it so important

     A System for better control

     What do those financial statements mean?

     Using a Direct Mailer to promote products in Agri Business

     Time for a liquidity check up

     A Purchase Budget that Works

     Profit sharing a win win situation

     Never be Over Stocked Again

     How much is the store really worth

     How Risky is Your Business

     Get on the Bus

     Cash is King

     Put More Profits on Your Bottom Line

     A quick health check for your business

     Ace shows the way!

     How to make a profit out of sponsorship

     How much is your business worth (rex Biz) Part 1

     How much is your rural business worth (rex Biz) Part 2

     How much is your rural based business worth(rex biz) Part 3

     How much is your rural business worth (rex biz)part 4

     How well are you protected against fraud in your business

     How to make a return of near 20% and not have to work harder? NEW