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Your business will benefit in these
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Greater Sales + Higher Margins + Lower Inventory Levels
= More Profit & Cash For YOUR business

“I have my own business and know the importance of the statement “cash is king”. Businesses fail because they run out of cash. Many businesses would still be here today if they understood financial management, improved their margins, collected their accounts quicker and turned their stock over faster. I can help you and your business generate a better cash flow. GUARANTEED!” Peter Cox
Financial Management Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker

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Ask yourself these questions

Could the profit you didn’t make last year be still sitting on your shelf?
Would you like to increase your profit without making any extra sales?
Would you like to access a simple and effective inventory stock control management system?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then call Peter Cox for a confidential business assessment.
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If you are serious about Inventory & Margin Financial Management
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Free Financial Management Tools

  • Peter runs very popular Management Workshops and can coming into your business and assess its health, provide practical management techniques to improve your bottom line.
  • Peter Cox has a suite of computer management tools and practical advice that can help you with: inventory management, inventory control, credit management, stock management, debtor management, margin management, margin control, gross profit margin, stock control, debtor control
  • Peter has been involved in assessing and advising companies on their financial health for many years. With his vast wealth of practical knowledge on financial management he has devised a number of practical Financial Managment Tools for you to try out on your business.
  • In these uncertain economic times it is important to keep a close eye on your business

Try some of these great financial analysis tools.

Target Average Stock Calculator
The Effect of a Price Increase on your Business
Feasibility Plan

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Financial Public Speaker Hire
How can you make a return of near 20% without having to work harder?

So how can you increase your profitability without increasing sales and cutting costs? Easy.

Ever noticed at the bottom of some invoices for your purchases and statements from suppliers
“Hey Jack if you pay in 7 days we’ll let you take anything up to 5% off the purchase price.”

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Past topics have included:

  • Health checks for your business,
  • Protecting your self against fraud
  • How to value your rural business
  • How to make a profit out of sponsorship and more.

Read what others have said about Peter Cox

Peter impresses clients with his knowledge of his topics. But he has a unique strength in his understanding of how a small business operates at the grass-roots level. This empathy with the realities that delegates face back at the coal face enables Peter to conduct his presentations in a manner that allow them to get the most out of the sessions. This makes him a most effective presenter.
From an organiser’s point of view, Peter is an absolute professional to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Sara Henderson, General Manager, Hoo Solutions

Join the many other companies who are benefiting from Peter’s expertise.

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Peter has been working with North West Rural Supplies over the last decade. In that time the turnover has increased by over 425%, margin and stock turn have substantially improved and the cashflow has remained positive throughout that period. Would not hesitate to recommend utilising Peter’s knowledge and experience in Financial Management
Andrew Hoffman, General Manager